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Bus and Transportation

Transportation Parent Portal

As a district, we value partnerships with our communities and open communication regarding student transportation services. Parent Portal is a valuable resource for parents, legal guardians and students to access up to date information regarding their students' transportation schedule.

Before continuing to Transportation Parent Portal, please read the following:

  • To successfully log in, the 5 character Student ID code and student birth date need to match the information on file at the school.
  • Students requesting transportation at the school level will have transportation information available for view.
  • Students that are not eligible, or are not requesting transportation, will not display bus route information.
  • Transportation Parent Portal Directions

Transportation Parent Portal 

Student Transportation Contact Information

Transportation Contacts

Late Bus Text Messages

To receive text messages updating you on the status of your child's late bus please:

  1. Check their child's Emergency Information Form. Be sure that the numbers in the cellular phone # field are accurate. These are the numbers that are eligible to receive text messages. If no number is entered in that field, no text messages can be sent.
  2. Send a message of "Y" or "YES" to our district's short code number, 67587.

Get ready for back to school season with these important reminders below.

Bus Transportation Eligibility

Per Florida Statute 6A-3.001: a reasonable walking distance for any student who is not otherwise eligible for transportation pursuant to Section 1011.68, F.S., is any distance not more than two (2) miles between the home and school. Such distance shall be measured from the closest pedestrian entry point of the property where the student resides to the closest pedestrian entry point of the assigned school building. The district shall determine the shortest pedestrian route whether or not it is accessible to motor vehicle traffic. Measurements are calculated per the statute above, using a calibrated GPS unit; measurements are not approved using personal navigation units, cell phones or mapping browsers.

Before continuing to the bus route information, please read the following:

  • It is parent responsibility to ensure the safety of their student to and from the bus stop.
  • Bus stops are for bus-eligible students only. As mentioned above, eligibility is determined based on the student's residential address on file at the school.
  • For student safety and accountability, bus transportation is solely determined by the residential address on file at the school. Alternate arrangements become the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.
  • If you have moved, please make sure to update your address with your student's school immediately.

Use the Address Lookup Tool to research transportation eligibility and the reviewed safe bus stop information.

Bus Stop Change Requests

  • For student safety and accountability, students are assigned to the centralized bus stop per the residential address on file at the school.
  • Stop change/same route requests will be reviewed after the first 3 weeks of school to ensure routes have stabilized and leveled.
  • Students that are involved in a split custody agreement, are assigned bus transportation to and from the main address on file at the school. Alternate requests become parental responsibility.
  • Alternate requests to daycare, friend or family locations are not permitted.

Note: Due to high call and email volume, bus assignment for eligible students can take approximately 7-14 days for review during school opening season.


Per Florida Administrative Rule, it is the responsibility of Parents/Guardians to ensure the safe travel/transport of students to and from the bus stop, as well as supervising while at the stop.

Bus Transportation Process

  1. Students that plan to ride the bus must first request transportation at the school of enrollment. 
  2. The school Registrar will verify the address on file is up to date and verify transportation eligibility.
  3. Once the parent has met with the school, the transportation request will be submitted to GIS Routing 24 hours later.
  4. Bus assignment will be completed and appear on Transportation Parent Portal within 5 – 7 days.


  1. Please visit the FAQ section under Parent Resources.
  2. Follow the link under Student Transportation Contact Information to access contact information for your child’s school.